National Ambulance Service now operating Loc8 Codes

National Ambulance Service now operating Loc8 Codes An ambulance in Dublin / Picture: Liffey

Operational Managers within the National Ambulance Services (NAS) are supporting Public Safety Location Code technology. It ensures that First Responders are dispatched quickly and accurately to emergency sites throughout Ireland. The technology simply requires a location. Any location. To accurately identify non-postal locations on a map, the NAS uses the Public Safety Location Code (Loc8) technology.

NAS Staff at NEOC (National Emergency Operations Centre) are now trained to dispatch Emergency Ambulance Resources using the latest Public Safety Location Code (Loc8) technology. The unique built-in error checking software enables the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to generate a map with a precise location code. It is this location code that assists crews to go directly to a location – first time.

Whether it’s up a mountain or in the middle of an industrial site using Loc8 technology ensures the emergency site can be reached with near pinpoint accuracy. “We welcome any technology which assists us with patient care and helps us get to the patient quicker. The Public Safety Location Code (Loc8) will assist in getting to non-Eircode, non-postal address locations where people attend, pass-by, work or recreate” said Pat McCreanor – Chief Ambulance Officer SRO.

Emergency Management and Health & Safety Officers across all sectors are aware of the benefits of this system and are progressively adding location codes to Safety Signage on a range of public (and private) spaces - including; Emergency Planning Locations, Life Buoys and Assembly Points.

To assist the Emergency Services, the public are encouraged to familiarise themselves on how to use the free and effortless location code. Furthermore, Garmin Satnavs (2010 onwards) support Loc8 Code as an in-built feature. “The simplicity and accuracy allows the emergency services to quickly and efficiently effect a successful rescue” said Lt Cdr John FM Leech, CEO Irish Water Safety.

For temporary structures or undeveloped spaces, ranging from Public Events to Construction sites there is no scope, in a crisis, for guesswork or confusion into finding a precise location. The Public Safety Location Code (Loc8) system is increasingly being relied upon by emergency services – It’s a matter of saving lives.

About Loc8 Code Ltd

Loc8 Code Ltd is a Cork based company formed by GPS, Navigation & Mapping specialists in 2009. It is Enterprise Ireland supported and focuses on Navigation & Geo-intelligence with particular interest in Public & Workplace safety.

It has been assisted in its research, development and implementation by Garmin Inc. from the outset. The concept for Loc8 Codes was first suggested publicly in early 2006 and it evolved through research & development from then up to July 2010 when Loc8 Codes were formally launched in the Science Gallery in Trinity College, Dublin by TV presenter, writer & actor Charley Boorman.


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