Catalonia, the next State in Europe

Catalonia, the next State in Europe Demonstration at the GPO on Sept the 11th / Photo: Liffey

More than one hundred Catalans assembled yesterday at the GPO to claim for Catalonia’s independence in response to the more than 1.5 milion demonstrators who marched through the streets of Barcelona under the slogan “Catalonia, the new State in Europe” and that has become the most massive rally to date.

The rip off resulting from Spanish tax system where the rich and industrialised Catalonia becomes poorer than the several regions it subsidises and the lack of investments in this historical nation has been adding more supporters for a split off, as an independent Catalonia would be the 4th richest country in the EU. Last polls say that more than a half of the population would vote "Yes" in a referendum and about a 22% would vote "No".

Back to Dublin, such was the expectation on O’Connell Street that a garda had to alert those taking pictures of the 5 metre long bilingual banner to remain on the pathway and not on the road. Those interested in the Catalan cause were offered a leaflet explaining the situation in Catalonia and the reason for the demonstration.

From the organisers and Diari Liffey we would like to thank all those who retweeted the event, particularly An Phoblacht, Phil MacGiollaBhain and Luke Ming Flanagan TD.

Remember: Catalonia, the next State in Europe / An Chatalóin, an chéad Stát eile san Eoraip.

Pictures and videos HERE

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  • Diari Liffey

    Escrit per Diari Liffey

    Dimecres, 12/09/2012

    És que a RTÉ són molt finolis. A la premsa irlandesa només he vist notícies de la manifestació a l'Irish Times i a An Phoblacht (el diari del Sinn Féin)

  • Jordi

    Escrit per Jordi

    Dimecres, 12/09/2012

    Felicitacions des de Barcelona, per l'èxit assolit a Éire ! Tanmateix, he estat cercant a RTÉ i no n'han dit res !?


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